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Mushroom Drying Process

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Shiitake mushroom is a famous edible fungus in the world. The mushroom contains a unique fragrance, rich in nutrients, and tender and smooth. It is one of the commonly used ingredients in Chinese and foreign famous dishes. It is known as the king of the dish. At the same time, shiitake mushroom is also a famous medicinal fungus, which has high medicinal value such as benefiting Qi, not hunger, and breaking the blood. Therefore, shiitake mushrooms are very popular in the international market and become the second edible mushroom in the world. The production and processing of shiitake mushrooms can bring great economic and social benefits and have broad market prospects.Here is a brief introduction to the specific process of the mushroom drying process.

 mushroom drying process

mushroom dryer

1: Prepare the materials: It is forbidden to water the day before harvesting, and harvest at the right time. Mushrooms should be harvested at the maturity of the 4th Five-Year Plan, and the average harvest should not exceed eight matures. The harvested shiitake mushrooms are divided into categories, which are exposed to sunlight for 2-3 hours to remove some of the water. When the plate is placed, the cap is facing up, the cap is facing down, and the pendulum is placed in a positive position. The back pressure cannot be overlapped to prevent the mushroom from affecting the quality. Mushrooms must be baked within 6 hours after harvesting. If there are refrigeration conditions, the storage time can be extended.

 mushroom dryer  mushroom drying process

2: Drying temperature control: When the temperature of the drying room rises to 30 °C, the mushrooms can be dried in the room. The temperature must be low before drying, and then gradually increase the temperature. Generally, it is required to dry at 38 ° C for 10 hours, 45 ° C for 8 hours, and 60 ° C for 2 hours. The higher the moisture content of the mushrooms, the longer it takes to bake at low temperatures. If the baking starts, the temperature will suddenly rise, which will cause the tissue to lose water too fast, so that the deformation of the mushroom cover is not rounded, the pleats are folded, the cap is cracked, the color is blackened, and the activity of the enzyme is destroyed. Lose the original fragrance. After the mushrooms are sent to the drying room, they should be baked continuously until they are dry. The heating can't be interrupted, and the temperature can't be high or low. Otherwise, the color of the mushrooms will turn black and the quality will drop.

mushroom drying process 

3: Drying humidity control: In the baking process of shiitake mushrooms, in addition to strictly controlling the heating temperature, timely dehumidification is also an important link. The basic principle of moisture removal: in the early stage of baking mushrooms, when the temperature of the drying chamber is 38 °C, it should be drained at full load; when the temperature rises to 45 °C, it can be intermittently drained. After 60 ° C, you can not drain. If the moisture is too much, it is easy to make the mushrooms light and white. If the baked mushrooms are water-soaked yellow, it means that the moisture is not good, or the temperature is not enough, especially if the heat is stopped halfway.


mushroom drying process 

4: Baking quality inspection: When baking to 16-18 hours, the drying room door can be opened to check whether the dryness of the mushrooms is qualified. During the test, press the finger joint between the cap and the stipe with the finger. If only the trace is present, it means that the drying is qualified; if the hand feels soft and the pleats are soft, it is necessary to continue drying. The characteristics of qualified dried products are: the special aroma of mushrooms; the pleats are yellow, the pleats are erect, intact, and not inverted; the water content of the mushrooms is not more than 13%; the mushrooms retain their original shape, and the caps are round and flat Natural color.

mushroom drying process

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